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A moleben and akathist to Righteous Symeon of Verkhoturye

At 7.00pm on Thursday 24 May, the eve of the commemoration of the translation of the relics of Saint Symeon of Verkhoturye, we will have a moleben with an akathist to the saint.  This service will be entirely in Slavonic.  At this service all of our parishioners, benefactors and friends will be commemorated by name.  Others wishing to be commemorated at this service – or who wish to put forward names for commemoration – are welcome to contact us.  This service will take place before an icon of Saint Symeon blessed on his relics, a gift to our parish from the handmaiden of God Olga in Ekaterinburg.  Saint Symeon was born into a noble family but concealed his origins and lived simply.  He moved to the Ural region of Russia during the Time of Troubles, living first in Verkhoturye and later in Merkushino, a nearby village.  An accomplished tailor, he would sew fine garments but leave before he could be paid for his work.  He reposed aged 35 and was buried in the churchyard at Merkushino.  His incorrupt relics were revealed in 1692 and he was formally glorified in 1794.  A spring, now enclosed in a beautiful chapel, flows at the place of his burial.  His shrine in Verkhoturye was a popular place of pilgrimage prior to the Russian Revolution, with over 60,000 visitors a year.  Many have received healing and spiritual consolation through his prayers.  Confiscated by the Soviet authorities, his relics were nevertheless preserved and returned to Verkhoturye in 1992.  Our parish endeavours to remember him a number of times during the year: on the feast of All Saints of Ekaterinburg (11 February NS); on the day of his glorification (31 December); and on the days of the first and second translations of his relics (25 May and 25 September).  Holy Righteous Symeon, pray to God for us!

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